Aquatic Spell, 2017

A holographic projection where the audience surrounds the stage in complete darkness watching what is moving in the 3d hologram. A spell for the ocean and a choreographed dance component. I also read some notes from my journal about technology:

technology has to work for u
there is something simple n beautiful that happens when u take some basic scientific principles in mind nd apply it to ur life or interests. something simple like bending light can create alternative realities like pokemon go or something as simple as what I’m doing which is based off of a 19 century parlor trick called Peppers Ghost (explain carnival use and how a window reflection is something we all experience)

as an artist we work with whatever resources we have to transmute something into existence either a conversation an idea or an experience to share
or something more ambiguous or mundane
much like this theater i piece together technology to make it work is as simple a process as possible
its where the beauty in something so mundane or utilitarian can change your perception
and its with this that I’m hoping to cast a spell
by showing you things in nature that are slowly disappearing things we haven’t been able to preserve and what we will soon be destroying

I’m hoping much like this benefit we can try n preserve something important to our lives like air and culture

the more that technology gets us away from our humanity the more i feel i have to work with it to show us something we are missing


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