Let’s Make Love (Chapter II), 2002

Performed Nov 4 & 15, 2002 at MGSA Gallery, NJ and May 19, 2006 at the Center For Book Arts, NYC (20min)

A performance with shredded romance novels. I immerse myself in a pile of romance shreds and start throwing them in the air. I then grab a handful and start picking at it and reciting the lines of text to the audience. I do this for a few minutes and then stand up with a handful in my arms. I then proceed towards the audience and single out a person. I go up to that person and whisper in their ear. Only the person I am talking to can hear me, while the rest of the audience is left wondering what it is I am saying. I do this for several minutes with different people. Each person I speak to, I say something different. I sometimes ask them to put out there hand and I give them some romance. Other people I ask to close their eyes and follow me. Sometimes we kiss. Sometimes we hold hands. Sometimes we dance. The audience ends up performing with me. In the middle of the performance, I ask one person if they would cover me with romance. I end up lying on the pile of romance while he/she covers me completely in romance. Towards the end of the performance, I whisper in someone’s ear if he/she would like to sleep with me. I do that until I find someone to sleep with, and we end up sleeping on the pile of romance novels until the lights are turned off signaling the end of the performance.


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