Screen Tests for Disappearing into the Ocean, 2015

A work in process. An immersive performance inspired by experiences with bodies of water, light, suicidal thoughts, and encounters with strangers. The artist reflects on these feelings by gravitating towards disappearing into the ocean, to try and turn completely invisible in order to heal. These are still images where the artist slowly tries to erase his body into a projected video of an ocean. The video of the ocean was taken in Provincetown, capturing the light reflected off ocean waves, glaring bursts in a luminous expanse of water.

Special Thanks to: Gail Thacker, Hunter O’Hanian, Cupid Ojala, Et Miller, Carlo Quispe, Rob Roth, Bill Jacobson, Rafael Sánchez, Stephen Kent Jusick, Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, Ricardo Alvarez, Marc Arthur, Michael Hirsch, Sur Rodney Sur, and Geoffrey Hendricks.


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