Secret Society, 2006

A multimedia performance event for the public. Participants entering the performance are initiated into a temporary cult of garbage, media, and pan-sexual Goth fashion. Genetically engineered business men transform into the last creatures left on earth, trading in their extra limbs and super internet connectors for hand crafted mutant head-dresses. The dotcom business model mutates into a virtual reality machine slowly sucking away our bodies and minds into mutant machines for war. A critical commentary on today’s secret societies, this performance exposes the hidden agendas of the current political climate by bridging technology with reality, cultish right wing propaganda with piles of garbage, and exposing the secret societies that function, control, and lead countries into war by transforming them into a public spectacle. Unlike other secret societies, this secret society invites people of all walks of life to participate and create deeper bonds within the present communities. The performance is a culmination of it/EQ’s month long free public dance, costume, performance and book making workshops in involving, Million Fishes Collective, Experimental Performance Institute, and Galeria de la Raza. Performance ends with a raving parade to Quetzalcoatl for an outdoor gathering.


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