The Call of the Wild, 2006

it/EQ Community Arts Collaborative performance in San Francisco in front of the Roxy Theater as part of Experimental Performance Institute, Crash Cabaret August 5th @ Midnight.
2 business men in fox masks have a no hold’s bar cockfight. Find out who really measures up in this raunchy cock battle. See who loses their nuts while the dow jones goes up in annual stocks. Find out how business really works in this world…

Business men with extra large phallic prosthetics proceed to have a cock fight on the street. Fight gets interrupted by cell phone calls and massaging wounded prosthetics. Performance ends in castration followed by a drunken camaraderie between businessmen and audiences. Done as a benefit for anti-violence projects. Performed also for the Precita Eyes Mural Project @ Balazo 18 Gallery


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