Untitled Performance Relic, 2003/2012

worn book, salty sea, sand, and linen

A meditative walking performance where I strapped Dante’s Pergatorio to my bare feet and walk. This relic is from the journey from city to sea encapsulating my internalized thoughts on travel, love, and metaphysical life questions as I search for the moments that take me to inspiration and passion. The original relic has been lost somewhere in Pergatorio during the original performance in 2003 and this is a recreation.

Summer 2012, I tried to find an old performance relic for a group show organized by the Emily Harvey Foundation and Berty Skuber in Venice who by accident invited me as a “mistaken artist” in the exhibition Papyri. Since I couldn’t find this lost relic, I decided to recreate the performance for the relic which was exhibited and gifted to the foundation. Its a meditation on traveling between land and sea, life and death, and the spaces in-between. I still have the scars from this re-performance.


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