Writing On the Walls, 2013

I’ve been racking my brain lately to understand what we leave behind when we’re gone. Inviting people to my studio under the guise of showing new work but really discussing nature, society, personal explorations; to engage our private/public lives. It’s a socially responsible way of understanding personal histories in a larger context. I find myself drawn to conversations as an art practice and record the audio/video/notes/drawings/objects/smells. My family were never able to talk about their past (personal, racial struggles and immigration conflicts). It is this loss of history that pushes me. I feel like I am drawn to leave traces of experiences that can’t necessarily be captured. It’s after these conversations that I begin to map out my connections and end up writing on the walls in a single automatic continuous line that never touches itself and spans the entire space (walls, floor, furniture, ceiling) in varying colors using a marker.



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